Tracking Eden: Peak ‘Milk & Honey’ Well

Episode II

Regiment of Fears

5. Men on suits bore their swords
Fearful thoughts of Spartans are here
And Athens will come overwhelmed
This are mere herds and farm men

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6. Almost there but close we get
Laid on piles and sun burnt beds
A camp with no fire
But many mammy wonders

7. Noises from an Obsolete Board System was uncool
Moose from cows could be good
Chants, drives and marches, the way it rolled
The nation will sleep and wake like a stick

8. Daily we read and thread a youthed song
Heard it would last for the next few months
Come what may it must be done
Serving and humbled at the same time

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Elijah and Baal’s Bulls

©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

So much to say concerning the lone prophet of Israel, a predecessor to another bald one. These men were dangerous entities that made great kings shake.
About Elijah, he indeed made a challenge to a tyrant king’s face, saying ‘You and your fathers…’

King Ahab was the importer of Baal and his prophets, having so defiled the land of Israel that Jehovah their God was not at ease with them at all. ‘When the head is bad, the body suffers’, it is said. Thus, the entire nation suffered the punishment for thirty and six months with famine and drought and deaths.
All this was because the king became an in-law to the great priest and king of Baal, one Ethbaal from Sidon. The king was married to Jezebel, one of the most feared names in the Scripture.

If you belonged to the prophethood and heard the name Jezebel, you’d just mellow and disappear.

But it happened that after a long drought, Elijah resurfaced and dashed into a challenge with the Baaleans.

You won’t believe what happened!

Elijah, the lone man got victory over them, about 850 of them he executed after telling the Israelites this…
“And Elijah came near to all the people, and said, “How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” And the people did not answer him a word”
1Kings 18:21 RSV;
because they were confused Christians —oh, sorry, Israelites.

A lot did happen that may not be mentioned except read (See 1Kings 18 of the Bible).
But it was a SHOWDOWN at Mount Carmel, oh more than WWE’s SMACKDOWN! Elijah’s offering got the fire while Baal was asleep all day.

Here, my reasonings…

What if, there was an Elijah, but he had become one of the king’s loyal servants, because of bread and water?

What if, there was an Elijah and he feared so much to be the Elijah?

What if, there was an Elijah and he never returned to Israel because of Brook Kidron’s enjoyment?

What if, there was an Elijah who returned for a showdown, but lost?

What if, there was an indecisive Elijah who would follow what his friends did?

What if, there was an Elijah whose altar could not burn?

What if, there was an Elijah who was coerced to eat of Baal’s Bulls?

What would have been the end of an Elijah, who loved to eat from Baal’s altar?

And Elijah came near to all the people, and said, “HOW LONG WILL YOU GO LIMPING WITH TWO DIFFERENT OPINIONS? IF THE LORD IS GOD, FOLLOW HIM; BUT IF BAAL, THEN FOLLOW HIM.” And the people did not answer him a word.

Will you be an Elijah? What of the Baal’s Bulls in your pot, in your system, in your greedy eyes?

When Elijah cannot be consecrated to God and God alone, soon he would lose his fire.
We wouldn’t have known a prophet with fire today, if, he had partook of Baal’s Bulls.

The story would have become:
Elijah turned Baalzebub.

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Be, Beat, Best

©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

This will be short but not simple; thus is life’s definition.

If you were questioned to define life, what would be your definition of it?
Take a second or more to answer that, don’t assume it a rhetoric.
What is life to you?


Now that you have what life is on your colourful palm, see related answers below:
Life is a race.
Life is a market place.
Life is a field of play.
Life is a journey.
Life is good.
More or less, life is a priceless gift.

Where did your definition of life fall?
Now, in all of these definitions, there’s one thing which would make life to be true to what is said, being the best in the place placed.
Are you in the field, be the best there. Perhaps you are located in the market square, ensure you own not the finest spot, but the best spot to be by all. The finest place in a marketplace is not always the richest; though cool, aesthetics can be saucy.

This note of words sound so interwoven or interfused:

To Be the Best
Beat the Best,


To Beat the Best
Be the Best

Definitely close but different.

The former is competitive while the later is determinative.
Beating the best doesn’t assure you the best, it only gives you a record that anybody could get.
Christiano Ronaldo had been dribbled before. Lionel Messi had been beaten many times. The Pride of London had lost football matches to some street soccer clubs in the City. Usain Bolt the thunderbolt, world record fastest man, lost his last professional race with no medal. Serena Williams lost bountifully to several young ones, while still holding the Number One record. The United States had lost many stars on the flag on battlefields. Today, we have many toddlers who are brighter than Albeit Einstein in his prime.

Meanwhile, to beat the best, be the best: you just need to get past the world record. Become the record holder, then you have successfully beaten the best.

Every time I hear sayings like ‘the sun is harsh today’, I surely know the moon will shine brighter in the night; it comes to me that perhaps sun is not happy with its little shining the previous day, hence it chose to burn brighter. Life Will Be Truly Good And Confessed Gold, Not When You Just Beat The Best But, When You Beat The Best To Stand The FIRST. Determine to shine forth past yesterday’s horizon.

“Do not climb the mountain so the world might see you, climb the mountain so you might see the world”, words of David McCullough Jr. Assuredly, if you can see the world, then the whole world obviously have been watching you from the first climbing step.
Being determined is the ultimate goal for being the best, the FIRST.

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Imagine that He was born in Sam:area. Imagine that the Medium was to have come of prognostications from Sam:area… —that place known for idolatry and reprobate people. Though they are generation of a wrestler with the fathers’ God yet intermarried to foreigners and foreign gods. It does concern not whether He had ever been to the lowlands before, but once in His three years walk and work, and getting there He went ahunger. From advent, a Jew He was wouldn’t dare eat a Samaria made food or fruit, not even their Ken-turkeys, that the new Twelve had to cos borders to get food for their hungry Master and selves.

“So when the Samaritans had come to Him, they urged Him to stay with them; and He stayed two days. And many more believed because of His own word. ‘Now we believe… for ourselves have heard Him and we know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the the world.'”

Can you imagine the king of a giant city, who lives in a dumbfounding castle go to the poorest, most wretched and dirtiest families in downtown countryside to stay, staying for two full days? That was how His stay in Sam:area could be assumed.

Do you know why many or say all who came to witness Him believed? They were lowly souls. Have you read it when the Scrolls say, ‘The Lord delight in the lowly’, ‘Exalts the humble’? Had it been that it was in Judea, where there were too many sects of religious leaders, all would have been great, but with strife and without repentance of much souls.

Sam:area is not just for Samuel or Samson, it’s the same area you need to cover… If you can’t be you in Sam:area, you won’t be you in Samaria, not even Jerusalem.

Would you think to acquaint to a lowly today?

May I reach my Judea and Jerusalem, even unto Sam:aria the course You have laid for me. Amen!

You see, your Samaria could be that young man down the street, smoking in thuggery; or that neighbour you are too proud to speak to. Those you see as too low (for you) are the Lord’s most delight.

Abridged from #focustoday

Naija Jackpot

A Sequel of Greedy Green–Light

©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

The flow of perfect terms with no option was all over the flooded masses. There were enthusiastic expactancies of another sets of mighty wonders like the fortnight stories. But the fear of a lone dark Edomite, The Lord of The Rigging as being called cannot be underestimated. Following his person is one like unto him, with appearance of Lucifer as in cartoons, who fell Southwest ward, dark but emotionally in love and involved with a fair queen who was restored to the seat of the elders’ cabal.

“Is this really what happened or the game have been played like before?”

…play again!

This was the favourite question of the Greedy Green Light that wasn’t too considered to be well involved into the –governatorial– post of lords.
The miracle wonder that was expected was denied. Oh, some did evolved but, not too obvious the ones we need. Pharaoh or Herod of this ancient Naija’s Landmark of Excellency did not loose guard. He was well set and okay to eliminate a drug lord the fourth uncompetitive but consecutive time. It was not expected to be so easy, but it was. Arguably discovered from statistics that followership of the opposer was drastically low. An ancient state encompassed with a record largest city created another shocker. Some currents also flowed in the Easts, amongst others.

To be simple and logical: the Jackpot was a win-win again and again. The game is not too familiar but available to all and for all who wants to checkmate on checkers. “Though I bear thoughts to buy a powerball, yet I end up playing snookers”, thought one of the amazingly denied candidates.

We did think it was an independent system with clean initiatives who was coordinating, well, it was all scam of scammers. That entrusted RECkons refuse to deliver their own waged entitled workers. Protections of trusts and oaths of loyalty and integrity were breached. Protests expected of the masses was duly presented by the trained employees.

With a heavy sigh, I sob to say, what we say is a doom mess, is a JACKie–POTato to our rulers and supposed leaders. Indeed, this is tyrannical anarchy.

I quote a lecturer as he enquote the Rabboni, “To whom much is given, nothing is expected”. For the next leap calendar, expect just the same or nothing than games. Selah.

Greedy Green-Light

©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

Having a hot sleep on that Sunday morning after the election wahala (stress), I welcomed friends and folks with ‘Happy Independence’. I became a mass mess of the age. What’s you saying?, many questioned. I did felt like the people have decided onto who will lead them into a sweeping next level or under the ancient royal failing cover, or as they may wish to checkmate a proper Macron into the system. But, the decisions weren’t the ones you’d think. With much stoning like it was Stephen they saw in a town of blacksmiths and rocks, another of failing and falling stage, all amount to the thought of a real change and tiredness of the governing heads.

Alas, the results rolled and rallied like a bike under a rock, they rained and shocked!

Is this really what happened or the game have been played like before?

Hmm, despite the oddity and full awareness of struggles for the sits of power, here was the opportunity to amass multiples the extent of wealth lost on campaigns and campings.
Thus, the game of thrones was declared done, that was the first part of the seventh season, that the king in the north retained power. Well, a defected man was affected. It wasn’t seen coming, that was a major shock of all the cracks. One whose iron–throne reign left everyone angry, the elders could have taken him up, humility was forced to be formed, déjà vu, the tit for tat he did to his father.

The second like him is expectedly anticipated, what shall be the outcome of the king in the South, one whose abode stands in the excellent city? Shall he be dethroned likewise or he’ll reign over the green lights?

International, national, oversea, underwater, state, local, city and town observers moved and were moved to see how the greed will go. Perhaps the yellow was lit and the red should be pursued. Can’t we stop this shaky sick vehicle for a while?

To the amazement of all, eventually, all lights went green. What virus rigged through this system of traffic? The elders chanted, the youths argued, the teens accepted, the kids jubilate, may be all is just a mirage and dream to soon be awake from, but all understood not a thing.

So, we will muzzle through this next season like there wasn’t a transmission independent help. SOS became meaningless, CNN was shut in Time, and, the voice of the voiceless, a raging mother Africa cries for his trigger to shoot for once, but, it seemed to have fallen among rocks, blasted and poor, o fallen diadem the poor grass may die if these weeds remain.

We believe in prayer, we attempt no words though, no works too, how/what then will God do when the greedy fathers still rule?
Guide our leaders right O God
Help our youths the truth also to know
Greedy Green Light(s) shall wither,
Green White Green shall stand high,
Sweet sounding breeze we shall feel,
And victory smile like lottery we expect.

Watch out, “Naija Jackpot”


©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

A situational problem averting faithful results, the case of limbo acting of Abimbola the most beautiful being on earth.
You can tell from the scent and scenes she possess, the curves she endures and the commas that comes from street walks, O My God! Guys become obsessed at the sight of the creature that make them buzzing bee busybodying around like goons running from guns.

What a quantity uncountably filled into one human! Could this be partiality? How on earth will God so bestow this beast into rubbing rising rubies? Well, I have heard many masturbate naturally even with no contracted touch.

Soon, our lady gaga became a face for marketing, and the ROCKY business of fame sets in. Modelling couldn’t be an hobby, but the likes and follows spined above Ronaldo’s romantic page. Soon, again, she was promoted unmanly in the industry of publications. What slapping leaps than wiser zips?🤔

This was getting too much; calls like she’s the gov of lords.
Arrogance filled her like wealth, and one would think, ‘Did she pay for this beauty?’
I think, I need a very personal assistant, she thought. And her hanging manager protested, ‘What for? Are the guards not working, or me just stalking?’
Not too long, the great one nicked Sewa-boom (from beautiful Bimbo) accumulates flashes of requests, enveloping her desk before every dusk.

An aged man put forth his ordeal, fulfilling it already by taking to drugs ‘and,
…’, at the declining and factual rejection of his erected loves.


Hundreds of bank credits, proposals, love letters, in fact love threat…
Every boy wants to be her brother;
Every guy, her bother,
Every man, her love
Every lover, her husband,
Every husband, her sugar-d,
Rather her suffering…
Here we come, a siding conclusion to the topic of my lovely and uppishly pompous beauty.


…, he was on the plan that shook the world to what would make this elder to be thinking suicidal over a last teen age girl…’

The one whose own son was in love with the ever royal lovely girl also.

He, he was her grandfather!😲😳


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Nike L. Odion

©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

Category: NFF, Non-Fiction Fantasy


Name it! Is it the tales of fruitful Supreme Stories? Or the pit of life anchored by one late clergy, one village headmaster, the times of rhythmic sensations with many blessings and lessons?
Oh I missed!


“Gosh! I miss that part of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, their superman kiss!,” rants, one funny dude on an African Magician show, “the early days of Marvelous Studio’s works that pulled my childhood to life.”


“Ugh! You mean, you saw that? How old were you then?” I asked.


“How old were you too?” A question section of no answers we battled.


Of a truth, we had secretly seen those subtle cartoons and videos, pretending we have a kids know better thing.


The days are long gone when I was not allowed to see the most magical moments of the movies’ moves. You dare not even sit with your parent, tantes, a bigger friend or older oncles to see a movie. I’d taunt two old friendly girls then, they were real cartoons in the making. All of the Beastie’s Beauty they knew, and could recite nothing out of sight without a miss of Pinky’s Brainy race.


Yea and lo, the movies brought the censor boards, then the problem exploded.
Most local movies were made none for the teens, nor the young, even eighteens. And if you wished to give a see on these plots of cassettes to compact disk generational films, you must be ready to narrate your lessons, one bigger than a Sunday School Churchy Examination.


It happened once that there was a SARS-like scourging on my group, all because we couldn’t deliver more than two lessons from one of the largest cultural epic documentary history movie of then, made by one old kilanic Shaworo (lol #ifyouknowyouknow).


On the worst, what I did have was a timetable of series, soapies at the wide and wise views of a cartoon networking nations too.


But why, why? Blues was an abomination, though it soon lost its secrecy value. Horrors create nightmares. Killer ones make children behave like caterpillars. All these, every good home did banned, and banked for hell.


But, today, O our new days!
O Lord, avengers have taken real vengeance on the history path of wha-kinda forever, that our children all wants to be mutants with no importance.


Our cartoons turned animations with kisses and hugs and rogues. Delinquent children and teenagers are best scenes of the nicknamed Nike L. Odion televised unrevised and undercensored shows. Homosexuality all squeezed in. The Low Gray Beast and Toxic (LGBT) people won’t see our Mount Zionist scenes, but we glue to their set senses, as they create paranormal sensations of telemonsters.


Today, like NOW, no girl child is matured unless with a first kiss.
No virgin lips, hands, nay, not to mention the Virginia air Ticketers.


Parents, family, friends, what do you watch that your children watch from you? Our world is falling, even fallen. Western-Wide-World, hmm, it doesn’t work!


Zionist we are called to be, holding the pledge of Truth no matter what!


“Someday my earthly house will fall,
I cannot tell how soon ’twill be,
But this I know my All in All
Has now a place in Heav’n for me

When I shall see Him face to face
Will I tell a story of Nike L. Odion…
No, I shall see Him face to face,
And tell a story saved by grace”

(Saved By Grace by F.J. Crosby paraphrased)

The Theory of TODAY

©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

Been aware that today was already gone for good, my kind of mind won’t take a look at the blurry note I penned the previous night.
Though I saw the beginning of it, that I jubilated like it was a new leap year. There was all over the land knocking honks of vehicles and trains on still steel rails merging the sounds as of a dark evening orchestra show. And I thought so much there’s winning somewhere, but strawberries like the love of flavouring creams the waste emanated into fumes of unintended decisions that flowed in to flaws of errors.

Then, here, My Errors of Today…

Inadvertently, and adventurously, I blamed yesterday for the unaccomplished status of today. Looking into and studying the day, I was aware that some of the my agendas on the unfamiliar anonymous To-Do list could all end lost in lust of events. It looks so real that well done would come from an inexperienced mentor who sees it pasted for the next tick. It did appear obvious to my oblivious sense that I wouldn’t make it to half, and a score and four hours was looking already gone unfulfilled and not enough. I even announced that I need a manager, at what age a friend asked? Well, I should cope to manage you if and only if you’ll hand me your finch hunted finances and you won’t dare blame recessions that could appear in your account history, he narrated grinning. Well, like yesterday, I started today, to snooze-the-alarm game. It beeped over a fourth time before finally arising. An interval of fifteen solid minutes between each snoozes though. Meaning an hour and some more minutes went AWOL in the swollen pregnant morning of today.
Couldn’t I have done better than yesterday? I blamed the bed that took me through the night. I blamed the weather for being too cool. I blamed my phone for not too loud to wake me or make the snooze to work better. And to the utmost, I finally blamed yesterday for having required too much from me, of which I did not finish a third of its order.
I blamed not having required necessary opportunities. It looked like I was beginning to think of blaming my background, my par… Well, I once did, while I was nastily a young froward achiever. Until it did dawn on me many months ago that no one, nobody indeed owe me a dime of any country’s dollar size. Sometimes, it ends in self pity: hmm!, oh!, why?, I’m fed up! This, and these, signs of a lazy beginning of dawn not so actual but kinda factual. The first fist of huddle was already won, waking up, but for how long? The battle I didn’t win, it was all done without my intention or awareness, but I was a Super-Sly, instead of slaying. Anyways, the day was still having some eighteen visible hours with no holidays to enlighten me. Yesterday was fucked up, even screwed up. And today, almost dead. I pray for a better tomorrow.

Having lost my first quarter of the day to lazying and snoozing, I hopped in hope that tomorrow is always a better day. This hoping will save not the planner but the planned.
“To plant could be a hard thing, but to water and maintain from weeds is even harder.”
Tomorrow only helps those who help themselves. Someone did profess well when he said Christians are the most unfulfilling people. They would keep on hoping, praying and may do no working. It is like knowing tomorrow will be better yet you are still on good level.


The only and best gift that tomorrow could give you is waking from sleep into it. It is not something that it owed, not a routine, not a norm but a blessing. I can’t tell myself what I have not seen, but, and, in the deed of it, tomorrow was becoming even unsure and insecure.

“Tomorrow has the highest fails, failures.”

Tomorrow never ends, so are human needs, unending featuring of the better tomorrow not planned appropriately and apparently wobbly.
It was, I was thinking of… Probably, maybe, I will make it into tomorrow, tomorrow will not announce me if I don’t take it up today. Oh! I had thought of a demising sense to dismiss this failing everyday of today. But tomorrow’s jumpy hope seemed to work, only if it could…


The Hope
Today, today, I will not give up, not on this race of success. The hustle of every hassle is to cross the middle hurdle and the next hurdle and that’s almost all.
Don’t wait for the ginger to come because there is only one excuse for that, and it is procrastination. Procrastination did got a big and bulgy part of me, it was the next of kin to laziness. And to it, tomorrow never ends until the day of grave will arrive unaware. Here was the key of hope given to me for success –Diligence.

“Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before unknown men.” Solomon (Proverbs 22:29NKJV).

Diligence did tell me what the time is, what moment it is, what attitude to portray, what poetry to deliver, what to do, what to say, what to think. Likewise, what not to…
I have gone this globe today, same as yesterday and expecting tomorrow to climb over today.Here lay my theory of today, inspired from –A Poem of, Today.


A Poem of, Today

©Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

Today, a day to live once and now
An instance that is present
In whose time is called the moment
The momentum between yesterday and tomorrow
Real and happening

Today, a day to reckon for results
A day to recall when time is winged
A day to procrastinate
A day left unfulfilled
The day betwixt the past and the future

Today, breaking at dawn
And set to dusk so soon
A news like falling eggs
Needing no medium to mess the mass
With willing unmasked to-dos today

Today, same as yesterday
Even as the creation day
Just like Christmas day
And so everyday will roll
Even today will be gone too soon

Today, excuses will pile
Like a falling knight of the night
The lazy just waking
To the biting barking darkness
A very portal to The Theory of Today

The Theory of Today… Coming Soon!

My Lazy Hands 2

See My Lazy Hands 1

7. One faithful morning, I met some ants
Looking like they had traffic problems
Should I help, but I watched and my wander wondered
I learned from their hands, and, discovered the ranks
All to see I did not compare to the last

8. The hand is not my brain box
Nor the five, and ten fingers of yours
Here is wisdom
The first act of thought comes from the spreading band of hands
May be it was the right trigger

9. Yea, it is
‘A good deck with lazy hands will sink a ship’
Think of what great things your hands can do
Box, paddle, fight, yummy, even finger, but in this plight
Think deeper what your hand is doing without the brain involved

10. My lazy hands got me into errors
Even into some terrors
Still my hands refuse to be awaken
Danger! Hands? Call Mayday!
I’ve got hands ready to make my bed, eat my lunch, steal my brain and to take my place

11. Now, my hands are dried with the clay it mould
Indeed it slept all day
Could it really be my hands, or my me, myself and my I
Maybe my eyes too
Wake up, wake up, thou great slumber

12. I pleaded on this course
The crossroad I am dying to pop
The same cause that spread on the Cross
‘Oh, my cross, I have cut you and dumped!’
I, wept

I also prayed
And awake
Lo, so it’s another new year already
This hands typed,
God brought me out, repairing even the broken hands as the bleeding hearts
And here, my blessed hands

Adeyemi Michael Adetunji

The Message Of Simon


Monday, December 25, 2017.

Luke 2:30-35
A man of signals.

Lesson: It must be a 1 to 1001 persons who would forget his birthday or refuse to acknowledge it. It is a memorable time, so eventful to recall the pain of child birth. Whether the Savior (Jesus) ever did his birthday in any year we do not have a record. But sometime ago, in the church’s history, it was brought up to be celebrated on a certain day. It is the appreciating event known today as Christmas. I see Christmas the same way the church sees it, the event of love (John 3:16). But there are really a lot of significance from the birth of the Lord, and His dedication too. There, prophecies.

“For my (Simeon) eyes have seen Your salvation which You have prepared before the face of all peoples, a light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel.” And Joseph and His mother marveled at these things which were spoken of Him.” These are about four of the seven prophecies the old man confirmed from the old prophets. Jesus didn’t just come to be celebrated, neither His mother be honored in any way, but the reason to be revealed.

It says that it will bring light to the Gentiles. Salvation was His first name, and note that salvation means freedom. Freedom from sin. The blind Gentiles will begin to see. But He will also be a sign to many in Israel. It was when Jesus came that free entry was granted. The temple and the holy of hollies now stand not as a building but as a body (human). The message of Simeon summarizes all of Jesus’ assignments.

FOCUS TODAY: Don’t just follow to celebrate or appreciate the Child’s birth, know the Child Himself. For some, for falling and for others rising. Where do you stand? #fact #focustoday
Bible in One Year: Zephaniah; Revelation 16
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And In The Beginning


Monday, December 11, 2017.

John 1:1-2
…of a thing is better.

Lesson: How does the beginning looked like? Can anyone just be creative to get an image of it? The beginning have surged so many philosophies, chemistries, physics, theories and uncountable laws from the astronomic world. Science have tried its best starting with this man John Dalton, who somehow proved a theory called the ‘Big Bang’. And thus the beginning was gotten and proven to have existed some multi-billion years ago. All these science is doubted to be sure of, all based on many assumptions.

But one thing we know is that ‘In the beginning…’ According to Genesis chapter one, we could get a parable new view of how the universe, and our earth was created. But we can not really succumb the depth of it. Until the beloved, the son of thunder, John Zebedee got the revelation of it. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.”

We may get a grace to see the future but what of the past, the creation? The creation event, the beginning remain a mystery to every world of knowledge as it is rarely searchable. But of this one thing we are certain, that the Lord God created everything and by His word (Jesus) He established all things.
Note: He was in the beginning with God! Yet don’t get confused whether or not the world came of a bang, rather be focused on how the earth will leave in trump call of the Lamb.

FOCUS TODAY: ‘In the beginning…’ Those few words have caused many confusions than revelations, better to focus on ‘In the end…’ #fact #focustoday
Bible in One Year: Hosea 5-8; Revelation 2
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Why The Rich Won’t…


Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

Luke 12:16-21
Passing needle.

Lesson: I wonder at the way the church assume some dead end issues as being controversial. There are several issues that doesn’t even need to ponder or wonder on, but we take tries to turn them around, twist them and prove them all to suit some new world system operation. Yea, truly there is a new world system in our education, government, civilisation and so on. And amongst them is the convinced issue of gender equality which now brews confusion. And, the rich rulers in heaven too…

There are rich rulers in heaven… That would have make the angels to scream in laughing cries. How they weep and we laugh and how they laugh that we weep. The rich issue and stuffs aren’t a problem for Christ. It is the human that’s the problem. The rich human is like the exalted woman who was given a privilege to be alone and she doesn’t know when the serpent walked to her, in a meantime, deceived. Riches as it sounds is when something that is supposed to spread is being stored. And that’s the reason why…

The reason why the rich are said to see heaven like a camel to access a needle’s eye is because they oppose the statute and standard of heaven of give-out, sell all you have have to get it, the cross thing. The rich young ruler went away sorrowfully because he has stored too much. He was rich! “So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.”

FOCUS TODAY: Most rich don’t make it cos they don’t get it, sell all is like leaving all, rich in God not in the world. #fact #focustoday
Bible in One Year: Daniel 1-2; 1John 4
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Monday, December 4, 2017.

Proverbs 27:21
The words of the king is ye from say!

Lesson: Going to a developed country’s embassy can be very dangerous at times. But it is a process that cannot be skipped. The one who is to become a foreigner soon must be weighed and his net worth checked. The average of his asset will be compared with the average standard of living in the foreign nation, mostly for those who go there for vacations and flexing muscles. There is one nature of human also, we quickly turn to describe, summarize or judge some persons by their appearances. It may be a fact but not really true that ‘appearances does not tell of a man’.

“The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, and a man is valued by what others say of him.” The usefulness of anything tells of what value it is. The refining pot used for silver that is, its value is to refine silver and the furnace for gold, also that’s its own usefulness. What usefulness can be said of you?

There is a common quote that says that ‘a man is what he is by what people say behind him’. What do people say of you? As that Proverbs says, a man is valued by what is said of him; could anything right and light be traced to your Christianity? Our value may not matter to the world as we may be assessed (honoured) by humans, but it really matters to God. Remember that our shining light is what brings glory to our heavenly Father (Matthew 5:16).

FOCUS TODAY: Your value is your asset (honour) but your asset is not your value. #fact #focustoday
Bible in One Year: Ezekiel 47-48; 1John 3
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​Pond Christianity

Sunday, December 3, 2017.

Luke 11:24-26

Where is Zika?
Lesson: The southern America countries almost became the cleanest or neatest set of countries on earth as they filtered all their possible dirty environments. The Zika virus began to appear in the late 2015, and in the early 2016 it had spread widely and abroad. What spreads the virus was a mosquito specie carrying some sorts of pestilence. And what breeds mosquitoes? Ponds, stagnant waters and dirty environments. There was nothing such as a stagnant water, nor any stored liquid stuff that is not properly covered. These mosquitoes must not increase was the goal.
Pond, is a general name that may be given to stagnant water body. And this is the centre for all abnormal character of animals especially the reptiles, amphibians and insects, more of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cannot reproduce unless they lay eggs on stagnant waters. Let’s take a break of explaining and focus on our topic, -The Pond Christianity. Christ gave an illustration that would have created deep fear on the disciples when He spoke on the pond life Christianity.
According to the lesson contained in Luke 11:24-26 even up to 28, we would have been any way the unnecessary (noun case) would care to settle. When a life have being cleared, saved, or even sanctified but he refuses to renew his self, the enemy will soon come to lay its eggs and now in million folds. How the mosquitoes multiplied so greatly.
FOCUS TODAY: Pond is a body of fresh water with no renewal, therefore characterised with the word stench, that is what many Christian lives are. #fact #focustoday

Bible in One Year: Ezekiel 45-46; 1John 2

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​Saving Private Lost

Friday, November 17, 2017.
Luke 19:9-10

Live beyond fears.
Lesson: The movie became an epic as the Oscar winning actor Tom Hank featured as captain John Miller in the movie, Saving Private Ryan (1998). It was a movie based on a world war. While the US army travelled to Germany for one of their missions, an officer named James Ryan went along, one whose entire family (sibling) had died in the war too. It was a sad news when the army had assembled home but not with Ryan. They went on for another mission to save him since there were traces that he was alive, just to make Ryan’s mother live on. Eventually Private Ryan was saved at the death of some others.

“And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because he also is a son of Abraham; “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.””

That’s exactly what our Captain Christ’s Mission is, to save Private Lost. Just like the commander of the army told the captain to go any length all to save Ryan, also Christ came to the world (about two millennia ago) at the expense of His own life to save the lost and give life unto them.
The mission is dear and the statement confirmed, to seek and to save that which was lost. Christ has done the major work, the sacrifice, what He requires of us is the seeking. He will do the saving. Saving Private Lost is not a job of self but that of the Holy Spirit. My duty, your duty as said earlier is to seek, go ye into all nations and Christ will save.
FOCUS TODAY: Christ came to seek and to save the lost while here, we are to seek for Christ while He is gone, the mission Saving Private Lost. #fact #focustoday

Bible in One Year: Ezekiel 5–7; Hebrews 12

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Living Life In The Past


Wednesday, August 2, 2017.


Proverbs 28:13

The giant soon problem.


Lesson: It’s normal to have experiences. It is human to learn by experiences. And it’s a law, a tragic one not karma or any constitution that ‘experience is the best teacher.’ When we say best, that is, there is no competitor. Experience will remain the best teacher to the stubborn, the disobedient. The best teacher in our age and forever more is the Holy Spirit. How some have today idolize experience that they live in that past, that period of time when experience taught them hard. It’s called the life of the backslider.


This may shock some of us that many are living underdog sinner lives while they pretend to the public as saints. Bishops, archbishops, pastor, leaders, workers, Christians, name them, are most qualified and experienced hypocrites. If Christ could so much discuss hypocrisy in those days, that means He knew it would be a giant problem of the church, His people.


No wonder He said unless your righteousness exceeds that of the (hypocritical) Pharisees, you shall by no means enter the kingdom of God (Matt. 5:20). Now, see to how we live the hidden past lives in the present. “He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.”


FOCUS TODAY: Experiences become your best teacher because you are assumed as its best student; living in the past is living a sinner (old) life in the church (present). God forbid! #fact #focustoday

Bible In One Year: Psalms 60-62; Romans 5

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Apollos Christianity


Saturday, June 10, 2017.


Acts 18:24-28

Showing from the Scriptures…


Lesson: Today, I see a man by whom I can attest a Christian. He had the guts to preach, the strength to fast, the ability to pray and the control to self. These are just the basics of the Christendom. But they are rather the PhD levels to our modern day Christianity. If you fortunately see a man on a street preaching probably in the daytime, some Christians will keep gazing at him like ‘What a strange thing.’ If you tell friends that you are on a fast, they would ask, ‘For what cause?’


That’s how sick our Christianity has become. There was this man in the early church that I will like to introduce, and not only that, and to imitate him as we do to Jesus and His disciples, Paul inclusive. Apollos was his name. In him we see the true Christ, Christianity to the fullest. What adjectives or qualities he bagged in the few verses written of him.


“Now a certain Jew names Apollos, born at Alexandria, an [eloquent] man and [mighty] in the Scriptures, came to Ephesus. This man… being [fervent] in Spirit, he spoke and taught [accurately] the things of the Lord… He greatly helped those who had believed through grace, for he vigorously refuted the Jews publicly, showing from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Christ.”


FOCUS TODAY: The Apollos type of Christianity rarely exist again… Check Acts 18:24-28. #truth #focustoday

Bible In One Year: 2Chronicles 34-36; John 19:1-22

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Give Them Foods

shepherd-and-sheep-2Tuesday, June 6, 2017.


Mathew 14:16


Lesson: Have you being in a situation of a must do before? That kind of thing that everyone is looking up to you to do something. It must be the most privileged and memorable moment. Most of those times, there is no idea or effort you have left, but your last thing to give is your courage and forward moving act. The dilemma of slavery only made the Philistines fight better when the Israelites chanted at the arrival of the Ark (1Samuel 4:5-11).


The situation at hand was going to the negative or may I say it is already a negative issue. There were about 5000 men and an unnumbered figure of women and children on the mount there, where Jesus had preached. Some days might have passed as they journeyed together. But for today, it was on a mountain in the wilderness. The only option left was to send the flocks away from the shepherd. Have you heard a shepherd telling his sheep to go away? Go away, find grass for yourselves!


“But Jesus said to them, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.” That alone was trouble for the disciples that they needed to form a meeting to know if their Rabbi was okay. Where on earth will they get a restaurant so quick for the service of over 5000 men only? But the ultimate Multiplier and Provider already knew what to do. That which seems hopeless in your journey shall be settled in Him. Amen!


FOCUS TODAY: When situations seem hopeless and you are told: Give them food; just act like the man who said, ‘Lord, help my unbelief. #fact #focustoday

Bible In One Year: 2Chronicles 25-27; John 16

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You Need A Turn


Saturday, June 3, 2017.


Deuteronomy 2:2-3

Breakthrough all the way…


Lesson: On a circle mode, one must not do a double turn around. These were the words of a speaker as he motivates on breakthroughs. If you do a double turn, then you will land in your starting point. Hmm, that’s yummy true. Well, the Christian journey may not take that way. The journey is quite mountainous, a kind of spiral climbing. As some has said that the Greek or Aramaic original staircase of Jacob’s Bethel was spiral and not the normal straightway we see in pictures.


The Israelites had journeyed from Egypt to the wilderness for some long years, almost forty by now. That the Lord then called unto their leader, Moses, now you’ve just began. They have turned in circles for forty good years, four decades or two scores. That’s too big for a generation. “And the Lord spoke to me, saying: ‘You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward.’”


The command they had wanted to hear for almost thirty eight or nine years came for the first time. The Lord had left them in their disarray of presumptions due to disobedience. Likewise, it is too to many Christian pilgrims. The race is not actually for the swift, but to them that are led by His Spirit. How long have you been in that circle of faith, faithfulness or faithlessness? Are you willing to leave or do you yet acknowledge the errors? Probably you need a turn. Pray that the voice tune in to you for direction. Pray now!


FOCUSTODAY: What is needed most of the time is not even a breakthrough, but a turn. Turn to the Lord. #fact #focustoday

Bible In One Year: 2Chronicles 19-20; John 13:21-38

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Good But Ugly

Sunday, September 11, 2016.

1Corinthians 10:23
Beauty is not by look.

Lesson: For I am fearfully ad wonderfully made. Some used to think that the fearfully mentioned by the psalmist is referred to the few blurry faces reflecting the glory of God. But I tell you that God never created any ugly thing. The angels who fell alongside Lucifer transformed themselves to be demons because they had evils in them. When something seems to be beautiful, wonderful, perfect and impressive, then the next on the list of questions will be ‘Is it helpful, advantageous or edifying?’

“All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful; [again] all things are lawful for me, but all things do not edify.” So we see the apostle groaning concerning the Corinthians conscience case. They had refused to grow. Those who were believed to be matured Christians are the ones pulling the babes to the ground. For the very act of the old man was what they exhibit but are they edifying?

Paul stated clearly here using the word ‘all.’ That is, all things are actually good, but not all things are beautiful. Not all things edify, not all bring good remarks to your person. How shall it be heard that there’s a crusade in the brothel, a revival in the bar, or an attempt to use mixed wine for the Communion? These are few examples of the goods, but unhappily ugly things.

FOCUS TODAY: Most things we laugh to on earth are really causing tears in heaven. #fact #focustoday

Expecting The Unexpected

Monday, December 28, 2015.

Job 3:25
If we win, we praise Him
If we lose, we praise Him -Facing The Giants

Lesson: Whenever I am to face any challenge, a crowd public place, registrations and so on, I do have this mind of seeing or getting the unexpected happening. I was in a public place for a registration in which there appeared a large number of citizens. With prayers and assurance that I will have it done but thoughts of seeing the unexpected, I was on the queue. Then a rugged crowd started out, scattered the line, and at the end I was displaced to another site. Later on, a guy approached me after I’ve been registered and said, I love your patience. I just told him, ‘I was expecting the unexpected.’

When you expect the unexpected, though with the Holy Spirit in place, you fear not what outcome it produces but what outcome you produce. It is not a lack of faith, but a dodge to faint We see in the life of Job when the surrounding bad news met him, all at the same time. “While he was still speaking, another came.” Like that, he just looked up and said, “Naked I come from my mother’s womb and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” Alleluia! He did expected the unexpected.

Then it was confirmed while in his grief, he told his visiting friends, “For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me.” The unexpected can also be positive, not just negatives, but how will it approach you and you defend it? Remember, putting all things in the hands of God and blessing the name of the Lord after all.

FOCUS TODAY: It is an advice to expect the unexpected, so that when it comes whether positive or negative, your hearts won’t disappear. #fact #focustoday

The Place Of Prayer

Sunday, December 27, 2015.

John 16:24
Christian seek not yet repose, hear thy guardian angel say, thou art in the midst of foes, watch and pray. -C. Elliot

Lesson: So many telecommunication centres are existing today and with only a cheap rate to get one on their lines. Whenever there is a networking problem, a man with multiple lines just switch to the other, and gets his call out. Networking most times does fluctuate that all network lines will not have a receiving end at the same time, so then what next? Mail boxes?

The realm of networking with the Supreme being and the spirit world have no fluctuating issue nor a networking problem, just connect and you are on the line. No rate charges, no tariff plans and so on. Just faith, concentration and purity serves you the Supreme’s ears. Jesus admonished His disciples before His crucifixion, He motioned much about the coming Comforter, but all the same, His words were like mysteries. He affirmed most assuredly that whatever we ask in His name the Father shall give, then this striking truth of a thing. “Until now, you have asked [nothing] in my name, ask and you will receive.”

A survey was made on how Christians pray or connect to the other end. Many answers so fluctuating and unknown. But from a discerning thought, you could see that most do not pray, but just trying to fill in the blank spaces. Christians do not pray again. The major breathe has been stolen. Tell me, on what do we breath then? Those who pray do so because of problems they have or are facing. Until now, we have not prayed…

FOCUS TODAY: If we say prayer is the key, breathe and strength of the Christians, then until now we have being imprisoned, dead and blank. #fact #focustoday

The Spiritual Assignment

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Isaiah 61:1-3
To preach, to heal, to proclaim, to open, to comfort, to console, to give…, the planting. How many have you done.

Lesson: To every experiment, project or execution, there is always a vision which has a mission. The assignment of any vision is to execute the mission and the mission is accomplishing the vision. With all boards and plaques bearing a vision and mission statements of organisations, schools or systems, we have them still sided without knowledge. A survey was made in schools and organisations on students and staff to state the visions and missions of their systems, but many blanks were gotten. No assignment, no purpose, that’s what it mean.

The Spirit is not the same as the flesh. Though a nursing mother may forget her baby and a pregnant woman her labour or womb, the Lord will not forget them who are His. The spiritual’s assignment has being tried out without full accomplishment by the old prophets, evangelists and leaders of the Lord’s people. But it was accomplished by Christ. And the first public statement, He made was to read out a vision and mission statement which looked like heresy for it was strange and difficult to see (Luke 4:18-22).

The same Spirit that worked with Christ has been released on us. And our spiritual assignment is coined into these: the great commission, the building of the Church and the love of God. The Spirit of the Lord is on the planting of His that He may be glorified.

FOCUS TODAY: In the class (physical), failure to do an assignment may cost a repeat and/or punishment, but in the spiritual it may cost a replacement, rejection and judgement. #fact #focustoday

The Landmark


Tuesday, December 22, 2015.

Proverbs 22:28
Precious to the fathers but disdained by the sons.

Lesson: A landmark is anything such as a structure that can be seen from a distance, helping to know where one is. It can also be called a monument. Most times, they are always ancient; helpful towers, houses, buildings of any and many types, laws, orders, clothes, farmlands and other related functions.

“Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.”

This is one of the major instructions for wisdom that the preacher of the Proverbs stated for his son(s). It is a command, ‘the ancient landmark’. What is the ancient landmark? There are several statues, things and events which the fathers have planted or made, now this very landmarks must not be removed. The early men did not understand it, that they perished in the long rains while Noah escaped, so were the men of Sodom and Gomorrah. The pharisees also practised removing it without knowledge of what they do, they brilliantly worked against it like using a bulldozer.

The ancient landmark is the Scripture of Truth, the Truth Himself, the Way and Life. The early men blasphemed the God of the earth like we do now, there is no God. The men of Sodom wanted to sleep with angels and the pharisees fulfilled the works of Satan, so much. How the early Church also wanted to remove it as vain doctrines started in. Is the landmark still there with you?

FOCUS TODAY: All the prophets, kings and fathers have lived the life, kept the will and walked the Spirit to build the landmark (Scripture) which we pull down too often. #fact #focustoday

Turn Away!


Monday, December 21, 2015.

2Timothy 3:5
Obedience is better than experience, obedience the instruction of a loving father.

Lesson: Many instructions were given by the loving father who was portrayed in the Proverbs. He spoke wisdom, knowledge and understanding to his dear son. Do this and do that, do not this and do not that and at the end you shall stand out of them all. Well, at the finishing end he spoke to his dear son who is now a king and his daughter a princess (a virtuous wife). How awesome was the theme of the Proverbs.

Many commands to follow…, but only few heard or understand at all. Man is full of disobedience. A father has passed through and seen a pit in the same way his son is going to tread, all he tries to do is to warn his beloved to avoid the same encounter as his. The church of the last days has been given a big warning of ‘turn away!’ Behold, perilous times will come with perilous men in the Church, in the midst of the fold. They shall be blasphemers, lovers of themselves, money, boasters, proud, disobedient to parents, slanderers, without self control, despisers of good, traitors, lovers of pleasures and so on. This He said, ‘turn away!’

We often have the choice to do, but God is sincerely unhappy with our freedom. In the early Church, some wolves came to live this character of the perilous in the Church, but now in our time they have gotten to the pulpit. They have mixed with the sons. Don’t be one. If your church is not changing, change your church.

FOCUS TODAY: Sin is sin, whether you commit it or you were led to it. If your friend (church) is not changing, change your friend (church). Turn away! #fact #focustoday



Sunday, December 20, 2015.

Acts 6:4
It is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables. -The Apostles

Lesson: Like the regular slogan in schools and some countries, they say aluta continua (that is, struggle continues). Some persons who tried to keep their head above water, maybe in offices, stressful jobs or some conditional works which doesn’t have much freedom, they state aluta continua. The aluta continua isn’t a very strange word to the world but not prayed for. When you just need to manage through, maybe years. Some aluta continua their spouses. They won’t want a divorce due to religious believes but an aluta continua.

The Christian life isn’t an aluta continua but a prayer and word continua. Maybe we use the Elohim continua. It is a daily walk, a continuous and unending service. If you walk in the Spirit, you will not fulfil the works of the flesh. The spiritual man continues no matter the stubbornness of the flesh. No stopping, but a continuous walk.

The early Church, the first apostles faced a little challenge concerning service and management of persons, tribes and languages. What matter Martha struggled with Mary on, the service. Instead of being winded away, they chose men full of wisdom and the Spirit, these which Stephen and Philip were included and the apostles stated: “But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” This is the major priority. How often do you continue?

FOCUS TODAY: Mostly in our congregations, the major work of the leaders we see is the service and managing of people, not the continuous ministry. #fact #focustoday

Even Though… No Fear


Saturday, December 19, 2015.

Psalm 46:1-3
A ‘fear not’ for a day as it appeared 365 times in the KJV standard bible. -Study

Lesson: There are several battles he had fought, most to win and very few to lose. Many friends had gone and also very few who started along together remained. It wasn’t by his might or strength nor his ability that he had gone through years on the field but as he states ‘It’s the grace of God’. Now the general of a major army, he assumes no fear again, even though…, the terrible comes, no fear.

There is a God that the Jews serve, He is called the God of terribleness. While the Israelites dwelt in Egypt and in their post-Egypt life in the wilderness, their fear was all over the gentile lands yet the Jews themselves exhibited the fear of the unknown. Fear is a devilish tool but a likeness of God; it accompanies His divine omnipotence wherever He approaches. God was their sole owner, they were a Beulah nation, bought with a price and a covenant from the world of sin.

A new commandment was also issued, ‘Fear not!’ “For God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble, therefore we will not fear. Even though the earth be removed.” This, ‘when the even though appears…’ Even though war and an army encamp against us, even though persecutions and tribulations appear, trial, famine and wars, our faith shall stand strong.

FOCUS TODAY: We often ignore some prayers like the even though… For fear of the unknown, but growth won’t come without the even thoughs. #fact #focustoday

Walking In The Spirit


Friday, December 18, 2015.

Galatians 5:16
The cable will only be important and feared if there is a passing current.

Lesson: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death… Life is full of journeys, some we race others we walk. But it is slothful when we tend to stop or sit sometimes. Like the man described in Psalm chapter one, he started to walk with the ungodly, then stood for awhile. And in the end he was already sitting, with the scornful (Psalm 1:1).

To journey the race of life for the very purpose of existence, there are always contours, road marks, corners and so in which will make whatever vehicle we use to stumble if not fall. Sin is this terrible roadblock always on the highway of purposed destination. When a man is always or sometime in life plagued with greater sins, then he is close to his destination. Forces thereby are sent to pull him off. The flesh, the lust, freedom, pride, anger, lies, few to number are the works of sin, otherwise known as the works of the flesh.

As it is just possible to walk in sin is the same way possible to walk in the Spirit. And this, I mean, this is the only way to defeat sin. Yes we can renew, reform, cast down and so on, but a final lasting solution to the works of the flesh is to follow these words of brother Paul,

“I say then: Walk in the (Holy) Spirit, and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.”

FOCUS TODAY: No snake is willing to loose its venom; to walk in the Spirit is to kill and unplug our venoms (flesh power). #fact #focustoday

The Mountain Of Fire


Thursday, December 17, 2015.

2Kings 6:16-17
There Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Elisha and other sons met with God.

Lesson: Anywhere the prince or king goes, the guards will follow. It is a must trail thing that a king is not let alone to a place except for personal findings. Though a king may, but not a prince, because of his heirship. There is always the covering of horses and chariots for him, for in the multitude of people is the strength of a prince but lack of soldiers the downfall of a king.

There is always an hedge of covering on all the sons of salvation. As mountains are all about Jerusalem so is the Lord over all who trusts in Him. The mountain of God stands sure and its name is Zion, the city of the saved salvation. When we call someone saved, that is he is safe (from all harms). A terrible fear fell on the son of the prophet Elisha when the Syrian large host came for the prophet. Just a witness of few seconds light, turned everything around.

“And behold, a mountain full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”

Not only Elisha have this privilege of the hosts, but every follower of the Host. Ever seen where a sheep walks alone? Every son of the kingdom is guided by the Host. With gains of the Spirit, they increase and increase, but with fail and fear they decrease and weakens.

FOCUS TODAY: Christians are not hills or lowlands but exalted mountain, full of fire and surrounded by angels. #fact #focustoday

The Jesus Preachers


Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

Acts 5:40-42
If you have nothing to die for, then you don’t worth living [at all]. -M. Luther King Jnr.

Lesson: Shall we gather just the churches in the locality or community together? Then do a survey to see at large, how many preached Christ in the last three days. Maybe none, then last seven days, may be few, last one year, still few, and few and few and so on. Then how were you saved, since no one is preaching?

Genuine salvation is actually scarce now. Most people just follow after the miracle and crowd, but when the wolves arrives, the sheep will scatter. The early apostles were strictly warned, beaten, imprisoned for the reason of them witnessing in that name, Jesus. The pharisees I guess don’t like to call the name, just to prove their loyalty of not also believing on Him. “…and when they had called the apostles and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.” They actually departed counting it joy to be made to suffer shame for His name, but they were holy stubborn. In that same Solomon’s portico where they had been arrested was where they still preached the next day.

These men were Jesus’ preachers. They know what they believe, therefore they did what they need do. They preached wherever they find themselves, even in prisons, buses, trains, planes, ships, roads, houses and so on. Are you a Jesus preacher?

FOCUS TODAY: The Jesus you can’t witness outside, you won’t witness inside likewise. #fact #focustoday

First Gentile Salvation


Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

Esther 8:17
By their fruits you shall know them…

Lesson: They saw it and they believed. Some heard it and are called believers. Blessed are they who have not seen Me yet have believed. Salvation is of God and He does give it to whom He pleases. For God [so] loved the world… The Father draws all to Me, for without Me no one can approach the Father (John 14:6). Salvation for the Jews first and also for the Gentiles.

The first Gentiles salvation came through the strange deliverance of the Jews. Their death date was close, fear and terribleness was over every house, just like in Egypt. But in one night, God saved His special possession.

“And in every province and city, wherever the king’s command and decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a holiday. Then many of the people of the land (Gentiles) became Jews, because fear of the Jews fell upon them.”

The Lord is the Author of all salvations. Here we have converts to the Lord through the deliverance of the Jews from the Judgement of Haman in the days of Esther. Many got converted, for the fear of the Jews, although not the Jews but their God. The God of the Jews (Israel), the Father of Jesus and the Author of all life has prepared a feast for all souls not excluding the Gentiles but no one is coming.

FOCUS TODAY: Had the Jews (Church) rejected their identity because of death threat, there won’t have being any deliverance and the Gentiles won’t have known them. #fact #focustoday

Fighting God


Monday, December 14, 2015.

Acts 5:39
Jerubbaal: Let Baal fight for himself.

Lesson: Mostly with no knowledge, we face unknown consequences which suddenly appear from nowhere. Most time, an arrest from the police or a major government agency. With deep researches and tracks, we discover many transgressions may be covered for long from some expired and not renewed bills and deus.

The pharisees and the Jews brought the early destruction of the temple they so cherished. The temple was broken down with no stone on another few years after the manifestation of the first church. They had closed and killed the Christians, judged and ignored the Armenians, and thought of themselves to serve God better, but all was hypocrisy. Just for the counsel of Gamaliel who spoke to them not to fight God, they ceased the arrest and persecution of the sons of God awhile, all in the name of God.

“But if it is God; you cannot overthrow it, lest you even be found to fight against God.”

The serious pharisee and lawyer for the law of righteousness and against blasphemy, Saul, also stood on the fact that I am fighting for God. Lest you just forget the note of your belief, you cannot fight for God. Gideon’s father told his household, let Baal fight for himself, if he lives truly. No man can fight for God, otherwise you be counted to even be against God.

FOCUS TODAY: All the persecutions and hatred of the Way, Truth and Life were not really because of unbelief but, of fighting for God. #fact #focustoday

The Truth Benders


Sunday, December 13, 2015.

Proverbs 19:5,9
Mostly all devices of the same model and maker are alike but all bear different serial numbers.

Lesson: So repleting sins have the world. As much as are the various species of living things so are the numerous orders of sin existing. The sin of lying is another strange one that has preyed many souls for the second death or judgement. The first death is general and the first judgement is that of the Law who have no effect on him who is in Christ. Lies proceed…

Just as the sin of false witnessing, lying is a companion of its falsehood. It is the major weapon to all and many sins. A man tries to cover up. All possible steps to cover up anything is a lie, and to cover up a lie, you need a bigger lie. The punishment so strange for all sin is so obvious for all liars. The book of Revelation record for the sin called lying, that [all] liars, whether falsehood, small, funnyhood, comedyhood, pretence or the big and giant big lies, all shall have their part in the lake of the sulphur fire (Revelation 21:8).

“And he who speak lies will not escape…”

“And he who speak lies shall perish.”

This also repeated just closely in the proverbs. Any so much repeated word of God is just a confirmation of His wrath or grace towards it. Remember, [all liars] are liars and sinners. No lie is true. When you bend a truth it deforms…

FOCUS TODAY: No matter how truthfully looking a lie is, it remain a lie, and speakers of lies are liars. #fact #focustoday

Deliberate Fall


Friday, December 11, 2015.

Hebrews 10:26-29
You don’t wake a pretender, you wake a sleeper. -African Proverb

Lesson: Like a man who gained a place in an Olympic race, had started from the personal practices, local qualifications, state qualifications and to the national levels. Then on the track he is, the mark and at the sling of the gun, ran a bit and a bit and a bit and then falls. He will be honoured if he had fallen to a slump, a sustained injury or other natural causes. But imagine him falling just to gain attention?

We have many of giant believers who have struggled through thick and thin, years of afflictions and tribulations, many persecutions and temptations. Won many battles against the devil, but getting to the very close moments to glory, then they fall. Very few or scarce of the vessels God uses were baptised wholly from repentance, that is, the decision at the Cross. But others struggled along, all day, like Moses, Peter, Paul and so on. Falling away at any time signifies a familiarity with salvation. And no familiar thing shall enter through the gate, but for others (Isaiah 35:8).

“For if we sin willfully, deliberately after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sin, but a certain fearful expectation of judgement and fiery indignation which will devour the contestant.”

FOCUS TODAY: Before a deliberate fall, there have been many careless and deceptive walks. #fact #focustoday

A Ready Writer


Thursday, December 10, 2015.

Psalm 45:1
Let the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight O Lord.

Lesson: The lives of Andrew Bell and his co who compiled the first Encyclopedia Britannica keep gazes of surprises to the world. That’s the giant so amazing search book. How possible it is for a man to have written so much? Well, science answered the daunting question that the human brain expressed in memory size is larger than the encyclopedia itself. Commentary Bibles also have the same manner of thoughts.

The psalmist, a song writer, a hymn singer, a musician and historian: “My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Being a ready writer I’d being a living book. Many books are dead while alive. Humans are books of different sizes. Some over a billion pages, some millions, some thousands, hundreds and others just few pages. The composition of a man concerning himself is the witness of his existence. And Methuselah lived a long old years, but he never had a written living book.

Writing is not mainly for oneself, but for the King, concerning the King and His Son. Whenever you pick up His book (the Bible), there will always be an overflowing with good theme, and your tongue and hands will pen as a ready writer. This is the ‘meditation’ stated concerning the reading (see Psalm 1:2).

FOCUS TODAY: I have discovered that the reason why men find it difficult to write is not because they don’t ‘think’ but because they don’t ‘do’, ‘meditate’ (no record to record). #fact #focustoday

Hired Fear


Monday, December 7, 2015.

Nehemiah 6:12-14
Fear kills faster than death itself. -Anonymous

Lesson: Meet with them who have survived a plane crash or a stormy blue sea rage before, they should have the knowledge of what fear is like. Also to people like John the apostle who survived a martyrdom of boiling oil, bounded Paul and other prisoners who were delivered from a ship wreck amongst others. How terrible the fear would rise and how fearful the terribleness.

Although, most people conclude the result of fear to be fates. When fear comes many things happen, most of which are negatives. All the aim is to put the victim in disarray, in an unbalanced mode. At the plan and site of building the broken walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah was governor over it, but adversaries of the Israelites were much. They never wanted the reign of this dreadful people of God again. Hired conspiracies, forged lies, all manners of hatred sprout to stop the Israelis. Fear was all over them. But the Lord their God fought on their behalf.

A prayer of Nehemiah subdued the fear. Like the psalmist said, ‘Though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil…’ (Psalm 23:1)

“My God remember Tobiah and Sanballat according to these their works, and the prophetess Noadiah and he rest of the prophets who would have made me afraid.”

Prophets may come to terrify you but in this you will be confident. For those who know their God will do great exploits. Subside your fears on God and you will see it changed to faith.

FOCUS TODAY: Fear paralyses, death kills, both together delivers the victim to the enemy. #fact #focustoday

Wrath Metamorphosis VII -DEATH


Friday, November 27, 2015.

Hebrews 9:27
Gossips-> Jealousy-> Envy-> Strife, Hate, Pride-> Wrath, Anger-> Murder-> Death…Focus Today

Lesson: Only in this are all guilty. Death, the most fearful thing on all nature. Why do tender animals flee their predators? They fear hurts or a fight they cannot win, which will eventually lead to death. Death, assumed to be the end of all nature or life is terribly raging on the fearful of them. This is the last stage of wrath’s metamorphosis. Like the field’s wild animals, when human wants an end to another due to wrath manifestation, he plans a death as judgement for his fellow.

What we think is the end of all life is the beginning, or the start of a second phase of an either better or worse life. For those who have lived a worse life here, life full of trials, persecutions, perseverance, faith, hope and holiness will be transformed into a better continuous eternal life. While the others who have lived their best fills here will face a Judge without a defence lawyer.

“For it is appointed for man to die once, but after this judgement.”

The life of the flesh will be judged according to the flesh and the life of the spirit by the spirit. To them who take offences and uses wrath as their cause (lawyer) for putting others to death will die likewise one day (or soon). Now judgement is inevitable for all. Someday the silver cord will break, someday the great river will be crossed. Someday death will come to all, whether good, bad, wicked or wrathful. But after death, the Judgement.

FOCUS TODAY: Death is the end of Adam, but judgement is the beginning for Satan, although it is an offer that can be rejected only now. #fact #focustoday

The Other Virgins


Thursday, October 22, 2015.

Matthew 25:11
Hope deferred makes the heart sick; what an excuse!

Lesson: Wisdom is profitable to all but not all people love wisdom. If you possess what you don’t have it will not work for you. Get wisdom the principal thing. A view of His parable, the virgins, He splitted them into wise and foolish. The wise took oil while the foolish bother not a tamper on their lamps, they await a miracle light.

“And afterwards the other virgis came also, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, open to us!’ But assuredly it was too late.”

The other virgins? They were not denied to be virgins but they chose their path. The sheep are not denied the name, but some are sheep while the others lost sheep. Your look and appearance may appear godly, Christianish and holy but your ways are plain before your face, the devil and the heavens. The Christian name is general to all, so as the virgin name, but with all who walk the struggle with their crosses are them who bear the oil.

The oil in the lamps of the wise virgins is their hope in the coming Lord, their spirit of redemption and stand of faith. The other virgins on the other hand are them who wants few more relaxation and some pretty looks on their fleshes, they never expect their Lord’s coming.

FOCUS TODAY: The other virgins bear a character, they don’t want the Bridegroom (Christ) to come cos they are not ready yet. #fact #focustoday

Sister Jesusbelle!


Sun., September 13, 2015.

Revelation 2:20-23
Who shall go for us? Is sister Jesusbelle available?

Lesson: Many women accompanied Jesus in His earthly ministry. In that it was them that wanted to spice His remains after the crucifixion, only to have found an empty grave. They are numerous and so wonderful people, so loving, inviting and ministering. But they were never listed in the twelve, neither was it anywhere mentioned that they were among the seventy.

This was not an inferior record on women, but a careful ever selection, unless by the spirit of God. Sister Jesus.belle (real name -Jezebel) is a very beautiful sister in the Thyatirian church and she possessed a prophetic ministry. But her acts were not that of her Lord’s, the Lord she profess. Instead, she is here and there causing brethren to fall by lustful affections, inviting other beautiful sisters into the ministry to break walls and boundaries. Sister Jesusbelle damaged the church to the extent of heaven weeping over it. The consequence was that she would be afflicted unless she repent.

The followers of Jezebel were not just sisters but also lusting brothers. Are you one who have badged a record in pulling down the saints? Or you have been discovering that the devil is partially using you as an instrument against standing brethren in the church? You have disfired and disannointed many brethren with your vain holy kisses… Repent or your end will be very deadly. Amen!

FOCUS TODAY: There is only one person who has obtained the Nobel Award for most slain strongmen, and that’s the one and only sister Jezebel. #fact #focustoday

The Vanity Table


Fri., September 11, 2015.

Ecclesiastes 1:10-11; 5:10
There is no disguising in Hell or Heaven; no, not in the spiritual.

Lesson: There is this table located mostly in the rooms of women and in standard toilets. It has a sitting mirror on it, decks or drawers and a bag called the vanity bag. The table is also called the vanity table. It consists of make-up tools and accessories. Every persons who seems incomplete or unnatural uses it. Maybe the inventor of its name was just a truthful one to have named it ‘vanity’, ‘vain’.

“He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver, nor he who loves abundance, with increase.”

For them who seems incomplete will never be complete. One make-up upon another, and at the end, a caricature face appears. The latter worse than the former. “Whatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them, I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure…” The words of king Solomon when he finally discovered the foolish end of a vain life he lived. The wisest man ever lived, tested ‘all things’ and at the end recorded them vain.

I still ponder on how ironical the Church has become. It is now the very sits of Jezebels. The art and culture of the world is her clothing’s, riches her wings, and pleasures her banners. Vanity table on the altar of the congregation. What a vain assembly!

FOCUS TODAY: In Eden, vanity came; on Calvary, vanity died. How come is vanity table still present in the Church? #fact #focustoday

No More Vessel…


Sun., August 2, 2015.

2Kings 4:6
And the Spirit of the Lord moved over the waters…

Lesson: In the times of sore need, there really was nothing to sell again, all you do is think from dawn to dusk all together to make dust. The widow of the son of the prophet arrived the Elisha’s domain with a plea for debt payment, or her sons serve as slaves. With compassion, the prophet erected a project of another borrowing. Go therefore gather vessels, borrowed and all sorts, pour the only jar of oil you have in them until there is none left empty.

Truly there was a miracle of non stop flow of oil, and the vessels were filled to the brims, none was left half or unfilled. The widow asked her sons, “bring me another vessel but he said unto her, there is not another vessel, so the oil ceased/stopped flowing”. Though the number of filled or borrowed vessels was not recorded but with the context, they were much and the widow was full of joy.

The generation has come when the heavens cry loud, ‘bring yet another vessel’, but the reply is, ‘there is no more vessel, there is not yet another vessel…’ We are a lost generation of Christians, a Church revelling, the saints dying, no one is standing and the oil has ceased flowing. The Spirit is hovering over empty spaces.

FOCUS TODAY: Our world is in debt to righteousness and the Church is lacking vessels, everyone now a slave to sin. #2Kings46 #fact #focustoday

The One

Mon., July 20, 2015.

Luke 17:34-36
Never join with your friend when he abuses his horse or his wife, unless the one is to be sold and the other to be buried. -Charles Caleb Colton

Lesson: The business of this age has grown to a summit of ideal loss of knowledge, if there’s any opposite of wisdom other than foolishness, its level is ideal. Men are now tentatively busy to even understand or hear their Father’s or Shepherd’s voice. The sheep which misses the flock will surely be taken by the wolves.

“The one will be taken and the other left”. There are just certainly two character Jesus used throughout this serious but important truth. That’s the rapture. Many will be so busy and busy that their ‘the one’ with them will disappear and they left. The one that would be taken is not necessarily a wife or husband, the one is that the one who is ever prepared for the blast of trumps. That’s why Jesus didn’t use one must be taken. But ‘the one’, that person who has not forgotten his day of salvation, who has not been covered up by the moth of riches and flairs of the world, who has not defiled his temple nor exalted his flesh with pride, the one who is saying come even now Lord Jesus.

So disappointing will be to many, though they are ‘one’ but not ‘the one’. I pray that we shall not be left behind with ‘the others’.

FOCUS TODAY: At the threshing floor, the one will get a flight and the others left, only the one would be transformed. #fact #focustoday

A Life Project

Judges 16:5
Aim, Objectives and a must Conclusion.

Lesson: Ending every school session, term or class is an assignment, research or project work to be done. Many with different methodologies and scheming analyses. Ranging from oral to written, practical to research and so on.
A project was handled by a vital, vigilant and pestering woman. She had bore the records of this so well that this very one was no big deal for her. She was Delilah.
Entice him, find out where his great strength lies and by what means we may overpower him, that we may bind him to afflict him. She was dashed an aim, a mission of life. I guess a preferred title would be ‘A Life Project’. It is one done once in a blue moon, that kind of Samson’s was not an ordinary one to handle. Her objective was to get him binded and her methodology is to entice him. Place his lean on the gallows of death.
What manner of fall are you approaching with that stuff you are handling or how do you think it will end? The case may not be that of Samson (fornication), may be other sins, they are yet to be completed works of the enemy. The conclusion and final statement of his was: project fulfilled and mission completed. The enemy is at the bay…

FOCUS TODAY: The enemy may not tell you his aim but his methods will alert you. #fact #focustoday

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Tracking Eden: Peak ‘Milk & Honey’ Well

Episode III

A Fishy Dove

9. A cheerful grin was seen on a sunny evening
Was on a honoured walk with a lady from some privates
The blunt face became radiant
One that shone like a moon of crystals

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10. Jerking naughtiness was always on the mood
Fishing and playing the dudes and goons
Soon some will be groomed and grooms
Lowly on that was me all the hooking time

11. The Precious was fit but wrist broken
A fixed final was to emerge
Wanted, no, promised to watch
I was on a long call, oh I forgot

12. Next to it was a farm practice
Ma’am my apologies I missed the drill
I didn’t make it too, a sole response
Next words were watched not to be mismatched

Tracking Eden: Peak ‘Milk & Honey’ Well

Episode I

Entering a Land of Milks or Kills

1. While traveling the Epistles of the Road to Rome
Lines did not fall in actual places
Palaces wouldn’t bear to mutter reality
Signs followed but wonders did not show

2. Twisters of light blistered my eyes
Sight became blind
Little did it occur that a twinkle was better than knuckles
Many dates assumed never linked to a calendar

3. Same day that says nay
I rushed away a long way
A call that canst be canceled
Zoom grid to a greedy desert

4. Here comes the waste land that will occupy the need
In deed a land that yields no weed so hot but close to the moon
The beginning of a mood to think,
This must flow to milk and honey

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